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Thank You 158, 128
191 days ago - Prontera 158, 128 - LABAO O COMERCIANTE
x1Biretta [1]49,000z
x1Sandals [1]89,000z
x1Sword-Master's Boots [1]9,999,999z
x1Salamander Card3,999,000z
x1Unknown #169189,000z
x1Unknown #15129449,000z
x1Orcish Axe69,000z
x1Hood [1]89,000z
x1+5 Heart Breaker [1]8,999,000z
x1Crimson Mace [2]69,000z

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16 days agoJaycee: @Brandie, Fiolina is still at the bench in southwest Pront, but doesn't appear to respond to any commands through PM/public chat.
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