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S>Ifrit Card - Offer RODEX
279 days ago - Prontera 142, 102 - S-Store
x1Focus Beret [1]8,900,000z
x1Portable cage for Scatleton8,000,000z
x1Bellum Arc Wand1,500,000z
x1Deviruchi Hat5,000,000z
x1Sea Captain Hat [1]90,000,000z
x1Unknown 1508744,700,000z
x1Wickebine's Black Cat Ears30,000,000z
x933Bloody Coin18,000z
x1Old Card Album3,500,000z
x15Old Purple Box170,000z
x1Dustiness Card4,000,000z
x1Star-Spangled Bandana [1]5,000,000z

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