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161 days ago - Prontera 128, 74 - Razenny
x5Harpy Card300,000z
x2Stalactic Golem Card40,000z
x5Goat Card30,000z
x3Kobold Archer Card800,000z
x9Kobold Card1,600,000z
x2Mimic Card7,000,000z
x1599Aloe Leaflet2,500z

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8 days agoDarleen: went away for a month and CD in Mouth tripled in price
5 days agoMargarito: my cat was here
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2 days agoOtis: encyclopedia
2 days agoLoren: san
2 days agoLoren: where can i use my minouse card
2 days agoLoren: where can i use it to level up