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8 days ago - Prontera 155, 114 - bus_wonka
x2Ceila Card3,000,000z
x1Eremes Guile Card10,000,000z
x3Naga Card1,000,000z
x2Hodremlin Card40,000,000z
x1Nightmare Terror Card2,000,000z
x5Argiope Card5,000,000z
x1Ancient Mummy Card5,000,000z
x1Kraben Card2,000,000z
x1Agav Card7,000,000z
x1Rideword Card1,000,000z
x1Waste Stove Card1,000,000z

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7 days agoNiko: .
6 days agoSibyl: green ale
4 days agoArlan: archer
1 day agoClay: TANGA
21 hours agoDamian: green ale
18 hours agoGonzalo: KA
1 hour agoSara: magkano po ngayon ang undelivered gift??