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191 days ago - Prontera 90, 201 - Akhe n a t e n
x1+7 Survivor's Shoes900,000,000z
x1Survivor's Orb450,000,000z
x1+9 Diabolus Robe of Ifrit [1]150,000,000z
x1Temporal Int Boots150,000,000z
x1+7 Survival Circlet [1]150,000,000z
x1Costume Silver Tiara25,000,000z
x1Costume Silver Tiara25,000,000z
x1Malicious Shadow Shoes50,000,000z
x1+7 La'cryma Stick [2]30,000,000z
x1+7 Thorn Staff of Darkness10,000,000z
x1Storm Stone [1]250,000,000z
x1Storm Stone [1]250,000,000z

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