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Hi 123
307 days ago - Prontera 114, 109 - Ex[Change]
x1Unknown 22134140,000,000z
x1Unknown 22134140,000,000z
x1Unknown 22134140,000,000z
x1Heroic Backpack [1]140,000,000z
x1Heroic Backpack [1]140,000,000z
x1Heroic Backpack [1]140,000,000z
x1Gray Wing Boots82,000,000z
x1Sunglasses [1]590,000,000z
x1RWC2012 MVP Hat35,000,000z
x1Ghost Valkyrian Armor [1]190,000,000z
x1Hylozoist Card20,000,000z
x1Executioner Card4,000,000z0z

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