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Safe+10 HPabsorb +9Siegfried
213 days ago - Prontera 119, 99 - Unbeatable Deals
x12Safe to 10 Certificate144,999,999z
x1HP Absorption Stone(Garment)599,999,999z
x1Mini Glasses [1]109,999,999z
x1+9 Unknown 19285899,999,999z
x1+7 Insecticide Shoes (Shadow)99,999,999z
x1+7 Chemical Shoes (Shadow)99,999,999z
x1+9 Flame Shadow Shield199,999,999z
x1Gray Wing Boots199,999,999z
x1Antonio's Coat [1]109,999,999z
x6Shard of Gigantes4,999,999z
x10Mi Gao Card999,999z

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