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33 days ago - Prontera 147, 103 - RoySolo#6098
x90Safe to 7 Body Armor Certificate29,999,000z
x6797Sentimental Fragment999,000z
x1560Cursed Fragment3,999,000z
x109Costume Enchant Stone Box29,999,000z
x1Token of Siegfried Box109,999,000z
x1Kafra Card Box109,999,000z
x1Pecopeco Hairband299,999,000z
x1True Eremes Guile Card699,999,000z
x1ATK Stone(slot 2)99,999,000z
x1Malicious Shadow Armor999,999,000z
x1Malicious Shadow Shoes999,999,000z
x1Malicious Shadow Shield999,999,000z

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