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Smokes, Lets go!
164 days ago - Prontera 156, 134 - OC/DC Merc
x2Coco Card15,000z
x3Firelock Soldier Card10,000,000z
x7Old Card Album4,700,000z
x1Unknown 3158880,000,000z
x1Unknown 151777,000,000z

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20 days agoLina: how do i post my wares in this site?
16 days agoShelly: Orc Warrior
15 days agoTena: wow some people still play this game haha... enjoy guys
15 days agoShaun: ^ You realize how long the game has been around, right? Not surprising that folks still pay even tho u don't lol.
13 days agoJaren: game rocked
13 days agoAnnis: Vigilante
2 days agoVelva: check Oh My Ghost Webtoon