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Vitata Card21,580 times
Steel21,496 times
Blue Herb21,424 times
Royal Jelly21,041 times
Iron Ore21,020 times
Kafra Blossom Card21,000 times
Hydra Card20,968 times
Stone of Sage20,630 times
Lunakaligo [3]20,596 times
Variant Shoes20,585 times
Rough Oridecon20,535 times
Apple of Archer20,392 times
Alcohol20,286 times
Emperium20,147 times
Mummy Card20,134 times
Whisper Card20,110 times
Pupa Card19,876 times
Holy Water19,845 times
Yggdrasil Seed19,820 times
White Herb19,711 times
Coal19,656 times
Pirate Dagger19,514 times
Porcellio Card19,272 times
Banana Juice19,074 times
Spiritual Ring19,057 times
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